The new style conventional big block Chevy head. A bridge between standard conventional big block heads and spread port heads, 20* and 18* valve angle.

Yes, this is the head everyone has been talking about. RFD has taken this new casting and built several custom versions: fast bracket, truck pull, all out etc. The new SR 20 from RFD is at the cutting edge of conventional big block chevy compatible technology. This new offering raises the bar to a level that is unreachable by the competition!


Name: RFD/SR-20


Platform: Big Block

Price: $5,995

Price is for complete set

Cylinder Head Specifics

Bore: Not Specified
Intake Valves: 2.42"
Exhaust Valves: 1.82"
Flow: 525

Other Specs

> 1250 + HP capable
> Port Volume : 430, 445, 455
> Fully CNC Ported
> Chamber: 96cc
> Springs: PAC 1248- good for .900 lift
> Retainers: 10* Titanium
> Severe duty stainless valves

Upgrades Available

Total: 5995.00


  • CNC Ported Cylinder Heads

  • Welding, Repair & Fabrication

  • Custom CNC Machining

  • Cylinder Head Development


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