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RFD SC-1 SBF Edelbrock

Price: $8,250

Price is for complete set

RFD SC-1 (for Small Block Ford) is the choice of pros for high-power small block Fords. A HIP processed casting from Edelbrock features very high port entries that produce astounding flow rates of 470+ cfm. This head is very versatile with RFD building versions for NOS, ProCharger, Turbo and applications in Drag Racing, Marine, Truck Pull and Off-Road Truck.

This is the head used by 5-Time SSO Champion, John Urist

Cylinder Head Specifics

Bore: Not Specified
Intake Valves: 2.22"
Exhaust Valves: 1.6"
Flow: 470+

Upgrades Available

** This is just an estimate, not a price guarantee.

Other Specs

  • Edelbrock HIP processed casting
  • 470+ flow rates available
  • Several port sizes available from Truck Pull to drag race applications
  • 2.22 x 1.6″ valves
  • Bronze alloy seats
  • NOS, Blower and turbo versions
  • One piece rocker stand
  • 56cc chambers