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RFD 11* Big Chief

Price: $8,750

Price is for complete set

This is all of our spread port and pro stock experience tossed into one cylinder head. Dart made an excellent platform for RFD to build the most powerfull spread port head available. The BEST head for Top Sportsman , Top Dragster, Truck & Tractor pull or all out Marine. This is our most powerfull standard bore spacing head for N/A applications. 1400+ hp capable.

14º version for 706" and NOS.

Cylinder Head Specifics

Bore: 4.84" Bore Space
Intake Valves: 2.52"
Exhaust Valves: 1.8"
Flow: 550-570+

Upgrades Available

** This is just an estimate, not a price guarantee.

Other Specs

  • 11×6 Intake Valve Angle
  • 2.52″ Intake – 1.8″ Exhaust Valves
  • 55cc to 76cc Chambers
  • Flows 550 to 570+ cfm depending on application
  • Pro-Stock Port & Valve Seat Technology
  • Fits Both Cast Single 4 & Tunnel Ram Intakes
  • Several port CnC Programs
  • Custom Built for Your Application
  • Fits 4.84″ Standard Bore Space Blocks
  • Sheet-Metal Intake Packages Available