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RFD 24 BRODIX Blower/Turbo - Solid

Price: $7,350

Complete with Bronze seats, Titanium intake valves, High Temp ex valves, PAC triple springs, Manley Ti retainers.

This RFD's BEST solid head for blown/turbo alcohol applications other then our billet. This is a very bad boy. Large intake ports with the area to handle a large volume of alcohol and boost. The best exhaust port we've ever had in a Brodix casting and a boost friendly 119cc chamber. We use a custom Brodix solid casting with the strength to handle large amounts of boost. Looking for big boosted power from a conventional and don't run water cooled, this is it !

Cylinder Head Specifics

Bore: Not specified
Intake Valves: 2.35" Titanium
Exhaust Valves: 1.88" High Temp
Flow: 475 cfm intake, 355 cfm exhaust

Other Specs

119 cc chamber
395cc intake ports
Brodix solid casting