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Price: $4,150

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The Best Conventional style big block Chevy head available

Yes this is the head everyone has been talking about, . . serious flow, great airspeed, very good coefficient of discharge, . . VERY good power!

We have done back to back flow tests with other heads in this market & price range. Heads built for 540ci to 632ci drag race or marine race applications and even though some advertise more flow, on our bench the RFD / Victor flowed the best with the best air speed and velocity profile, . we think it's the best and we know you will too.

1200+ hp capable - makes over 1000+hp in a typical 565 to 598 with cast single 4, Ron's terminator on alcohol and RFD cam under .850" lift. Perfect fast bracket, top dragster head.

Cylinder Head Specifics

Bore: 4.5" minimum
Intake Valves: 2.35"
Exhaust Valves: 1.88"
Flow: 485

Upgrades Available

** This is just an estimate, not a price guarantee.

Other Specs

  • Strong .600″ thick deck
  • Raised Rocker Cover Rail
  • Ex Raised .650″ Over Stock
  • Super Strong Casting
  • Ductile Iron Seats
  • Bronze Valve Guides
  • 370, 380cc, 390 cc & 410cc versions
  • 122 cc chamber – can be flat milled to 114cc
  • T&D has a shaft rocker system with one piece bar
  • 540″ to 632″
  • RFD custom cams and cast manifolds available to match